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What is a party wall?
If you own a semi-detached or terraced property  you share a party wall or walls with your neighbour.
However where a wall seperates buildings of different sizes or heights, only that part which is shared by both properties is usually a party wall.
A wall which is built on the boundary of land belonging to different owners may also be a party wall or party fence wall.
What is covered by the Act?
You must serve suitable notices on and get your neighbours agreement before you can start any work which involves a party wall, such as;
Damp-proofing works
Internal refurbishment
Structural alterations
Excavating or constructing foundations within three of six mteres of neighbouring structures to a depth lower than the foundtaions of the neighbouring structures may also require notices serving and written agreement before the works can commence.
The proposed building of  a new wall on the line of a boundary you may also be covered by the Act.
The Party Wall etc Act 1996 gives the building owner certain rights, as well as protecting adjoining owners rights.
It is very important however that the notices and procedures followed comply with the Act to avoid delays and expense.
Please contact us for advice if you are proposing to carry out works covered by the Act or if you have had a notice served on you.



Steven Mycock is a Fellow of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and on the Deputy Prime Ministers list of Approved Third Surveyors.