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Steven has a Diploma in Arbitration and is a RICS Accredited Mediator.

Mediation is an effective tool for tackling a wide range of property and construction related issues. It involves the facilitative role of a trained third party neutral to assist parties in themselves coming to and managing the settlement of their dispute.

A mediator helps to clarify and prioritise issues, crystallise needs, reality check and assist parties in searching for solutions. They are facilitators who guide and manage the parties through a process of controlled negotiations, as to avoid escalation of conflict.

RICS Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding, and private dispute resolution process in which a trained neutral person – the RICS Accredited Mediator – helps the parties try to reach a negotiated settlement. As a neutral third party the mediator brings a new energy to stalled negotiations or helps find a way to get parties to move from entrenched positions by focusing on their needs and how to meet them. The process is confidential, flexible and, unlike a court, there is no imposed decision: the parties themselves retain ownership of and responsibility for any settlement that is reached.

RICS mediators have specialist expertise that enables them to open up discussions and provide a wider range of options. Their ability to mediate does not rely upon specialist knowledge of the matters in dispute. However, RICS mediators do offer a wide range of experience of all aspects of land, property, construction and other disputes. They focus on personal, commercial and technical issues – not just legal matters.

Steven offers fixed price mediation for disputes up to £20,000.00

Half a days mediation (4 hours) for £300.00 per party. Any additional time would be charged at £75.00 per hour per party.

One day mediation (8 hours) for £600.00 per party. Any additional time would be charged at £75.00 per hour per party.

  Mediation and Artbitration Services